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I am on Musqueam Land

Drawing on varying notions of ‘ghosts,’ these self-portraits were made in Vancouver, British Columbia, which sits on the traditional, unceded, and occupied territory belonging to the Musqueam people. I wanted to give visibility and recognition to the land on which I was studying and working at.

This site – with its connection to the Pacific – calls to mind the Cantonese phrase – gwai lo – referring to foreigners or tourists, or ‘the white man’ or ‘foreign devil.’ What does it mean to be an uninvited settler and to think about the ways in which the land and its people are affected by historic and ongoing colonialism?

Photographed on 4×5 film, the work further explores how veiling as an obstacle to sight, power, and authority simultaneously adds to the construction of femininity in a patriarchal order.

Medium:Silver gelatin printsSize:20 in x 24 inYear:2009Share: