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Gold Mountain

Mirror is noun and verb – both the physical object and the reflection. This work draws from Robert Smithson’s non-site concept, and is meant to stand in for a location that exists only symbolically along the Western coast of the North American continent and amid our imaginations. It is contained within a partial wooden box, replicated from those my family used during our emigration to Canada in 1995.

The relationships between the search for gold, the playful fortunes contained in the desserts, and the act of immigration signify, for me, the societal act of coveting success and opportunity, and the amount of chance that we leave up to it.

Installation views at Sights/Sites of Spectacle, AHVA Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2010

Medium:(3) 36 in x 36 in MDF boards, (3) 3 in x 36 in mirrors, painted cookiesYear:2009-2010Past Exhibitions:Sights/Sites of Spectacle, AHVA Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2010Share: