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Pre-order new anthology on artist-mothers

To be published by Demeter Press in March/April 2023, An Artist and a Mother (edited by Tara Carpenter Estrada, Heidi Moller Somsen, and Kaylan Buteyn) is a book of visual artworks and essays that speak to the diverse ways artists balance creative life with the demands of mothering. It includes thirty seven essays describing the work of thirty-nine international artists and an art collective, as well as a resource guide with books, journals, magazines, organizations, and other resources.

Included is a piece written by Tenley Norton Brady on my practice titled In Full Colour: Clare Yow. I recently proofed the chapter in advance of the book’s printing, and it was wild to read snippets of my interview from early 2021. So much has changed in me and my work and looking back, the things I talk about — reflecting on that first year of the pandemic, now in its fourth year (!) — I understand and embody values around slowness, pause, and resisting white supremacy and grind culture with that much more clarity.

It’s incredibly humbling to be included in the company of these peers, including other Vancouver-based ones such as Sandeep Johal and Katherine Duclos, as well as my older sister and photographer, Dawn.

You can pre-order the book now and use the code “MOTHERS” for a special discount.